MP3 | Mr Physix – Soldier of Luchini (Camp Lo ✘ Rusko ✘ The Temper Trap)

“Copy from one author and it’s plagiarism, copy from many and it’s research.”

~Wilson Mizner
Last week I went to upload a mix I had worked on for almost a month to my Soundcloud account and was promptly denied by the German multimedia giants.  They cited copyright infringement and after more research I found out the Soundcloud is utilizing audio waveform analytics on all uploads.  Tracks that are on the no-fly list provided by record companies are immediately taken off the website, even if there is only a small segment of the track.
In my case, the sound in question was a 2 minute clip mixed together with 14 other songs in a 45 minute DJ mix meant entirely to promote the music to listeners who might not have heard it otherwise.  In response, I uploaded the audio to YouTube, posted it to the blog, and made ALL the songs downloadable. 🙂
The whole event got me thinking about copyright laws and originality in the music industry. At what point does inspiration end and infringement begin?  Does using a sample make you a thief?  How much remixing is necessary before a track is sufficiently set apart?  
Today’s track is a mash-up of a remix of an original, and it’s one of my favorite hip-hop songs.  The Camp Lo instrumental sounds like it was laid down exclusively for Rusko’s remix which is a wonderfully thought out reproduction of Temper Trap’s vocals.  The end result is a perfect example of what happens when Artists take from other artists.  I understand the music industries desire to protect the monetary rights to content, but according to them, tracks like this should be illegal.  
What do you think? 

Mr Physix – Soldier of Luchini (Camp Lo X Rusko X The Temper Trap)

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What do you think?