MP3| Popeska (ft Luciana) ✘ The New Kings

Trap is quickly becoming the latest in a long list of short life-span sub-genres but I could really care less.  I’m not an elitist.  With the cookie cutter progressive house that saturates DJ sets these days, I usually find myself jumping up and down and pumping my fist like a New Jersey hood rat, and getting bored of it pretty quick.  A good trap DJ will have the crowd (especially the ladies) jumpin, bumpin, grinding, and most importantly… dancing.

When I saw a new Popeska track on my Soundcloud feed I was excited and definitely not let down.  I literally can’t stop listening to it.  They’re known for the varieties in their productions but this is the most “trappy” release to date.  Bump this on an extra bassy sound system and watch what happens.

For all you kids in Vegas…. Have the time of your life, but always know your limits.

DNA loves you, get home safe  <3

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The New Kings (Ft. Luciana) – Popeska

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