MP3 | Traveler ✘ Eclipse ✘ Hautebox 3

For a quaint little beach town, Santa Barbara has produced a respectable handful of heavy weight musical duos in the past few years.  Candyland and Charity Strike have both enjoyed steep success curves with Candyland now being a regular billing on EDM’s biggest tickets, and Charity Strike’s new EP, Mantra, is holding down the number 8 spot on Beatport’s Electro House chart.  While Candyland and Charity Strike’s careers have already proven noteworthy, a new vanguard is emerging that promises to carry the torch even further for the music lovers of our humble city.

Traveler, consisting of Zander Tron and Blair Brejtfus, have recently started to gain traction in the Electronic Music scene and are showing no signs of slowing down.  In a world clamoring for originality and crying out for performances that go beyond the norm, it’s easy to see why.  Traveler not only provides its fan base with refreshingly original, and impeccably produced, ambient bass tracks; but also fuses their performances with several live elements, creating an electronic music show that is as entertaining as it is unique.

DNA is thrilled to announce that Zander Tron, will be performing at Hautebox 3 this coming Saturday.  Today’s track is their most recent release and taste of the vibe that you can no doubt expect.  Smooth Melodic at its core, but layered with a growling bass-line and percussion structure that will absolutely not fail to make your feet move.

Grab a listen and a free download from their Soundcloud below, and if you haven’t already, head over to to grab tickets for Hautebox 3.  This is one you will most definitely not want to miss.

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