MP3 | Two Door Cinema Club ✘ Handshake (Amtrac Remix)

The fact that I haven’t throw this song up in the two months that it’s been released makes me question my worth as a music blogger.  Please forgive me people…  Nobody’s perfect.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, skip this useless dribble and press play on the Soundcloud widget below.


Right now.

Summer is drawing listlessly to an end and we’re left reflecting on the beach days, pool parties, concerts, festivals, hikes, road trips and adventures, wondering if we’ve made the best of that special time of year.  Amtrac takes us on a 4:34 minute journey through those memories with this Two Door Cinema Club remix.

So press play, close your eyes, and enjoy where ever it is that song is bound to take you.  And if the past few months have passed without your quota of friends and sunshine… there’s still time, go out and get some.

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