3D Paper Design by Vantour Maud


Circles. Squares. Diamonds. Triangles.  Wipe me down(Lil Boosie reference).  Ok, clearly I watched too much BET when I was a kid, but lets not take away from these extravagant  3D paper designs created by French designer Vantour Maud.  Based out of Paris, Maud completed specialized art courses in textile design before launching her own freelance business.  It was only then when Maud fell in love with the wonderful material that is paper.  She can fold, cut, superimpose, and shape layer after layer creating dreamlike landscapes that would have any 4th grade teacher ecstatic.  Check out some more hypnotizing patterns and creations below.

2011 flora1 flora3 kaleidoscope0-960x652 MOTIF-6 MOTIF-11 MOTIF-21 Motif-31 SONY DSC Spirale-01 Spirale-06 Spirale-07 Spirale-10 TOPO-1 SONY DSC

 To see more work from Vantour Maud click below.


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