Above & Beyond ✘ Avila Beach Party ✘ 7.6.2013

Last weekend, Avila beach was filled with thousands of party goers for headliner and trance godfathers, Above & Beyond. Lucky for DNA, San Luis Obispo is just a short distance away, so of course we had to be there. Cameras and kandi packed, some sweet summer tunes, and an hour and a half drive later, we were skipping our way across the bridge into the to the 3rd Annual Avila Beach Party.

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Openers K Theory and Max Tyler, got the crowd warmed up with a mixture of uplifting synthetic beats and dirty bass drops. When 7:45 rolled around, everyone was excited to see the welcoming “GOOD AFTERNOON” typed onto the screen as Above & Beyond took the stage. All of the party goers were ready to be put into “a state of trance.”

As the sun sunk behind the hills and the sky became dark, the music got deeper and we were surrounded with good vibes. It only seemed right to play “Sun And Moon,” during which the members of Above & Beyond choose people from the crowd to “push the button.” Having a hard time choosing just one, they decided to let 5 people (including someones mom) to come on stage to drop the bass.

Eventually the night came to a close, which felt way too early. By the end, we all understood what Above & Beyond means when they say that “Life is made up of small moments like these.”

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And the crowd goes wild.

Literally doing back flips because he is so excited.
A couple embracing on stage after they got to press the button.
Raver girls showing their love for DNA.
The sign says it all.

OFFICIAL GALLERY | Above & Beyond x Avila Beach x 7.6.2013

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