Animated Gifs of Women by Adam Pizurny



Artists have been intrigued by the nature of perception as well as the optical effects and illusions for many centuries.

Inspired by the Op Art in the 60s, Czech based digital artist Adam Pizurny , employed animated patterns, GIFs, to redefine the way we perceive the portrait of women’s bodies in between light and shadows.

The black and white lines move and vibrate in 3D motion, coming to a point where we step on a captivating visual exploration of female body image and the sense of self.

“This project is an experiment seeing how far we could simplify the human body while people still recognize it– or find attracting,” Pizurny illustrated Black and White project.

bodygifsbetweenlightandshadow8 bodygifsbetweenlightandshadow7 bodygifsbetweenlightandshadow6  bodygifsbetweenlightandshadow4 bodygifsbetweenlightandshadow3 bodygifsbetweenlightandshadow2 bodygifsbetweenlightandshadow1

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