“Apnea” Portraits in water by Gabriele Corni


When you are being submerged and cutting off from the air supply, will you still act perfectly or even naturally as the way you do your daily life?

Italian photographer Gabriele Corni and architect Claudio Silvestrin team up with GALLLERIAPIÙ, a multifaceted entity for research and experimentation in contemporary art, for APNEA Humans Breathless project. Through an analogy between the immersions in water and those in the everyday life, APNEA Humans Breathless aims to investigate the shortness of breath in today’s society, with the intention to document the emotional variety of humans in distress. Each portrayed subject writes anonymously his/her desire, which in the poetic of the work stands for the breath, and metaphorically, the motivation to dive daily into the path of life and make sense of it.

“I find it very interesting to portray people breathless and every time I remain amazed by proving that without breath we are forced to abandon every perfect projection of ourselves, the awareness of “being portrait” and the intensions of the desire to “be pictured beautifully” vanish completely because of the impelling and fundamental necessity to breath”  ____Gabriele Corni

The subjects of this project are people of any age, ethnics and social belonging. They could be employees, professionals, refugees, or students. Gabriele Corni coaches his models to assess their deeply rooted emotions in an innovative art approach that, otherwise, people won’t experience in the normal circumstance.

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