Architectural Manipulation by Daniel Arsham


Manipulation: a tactic your  frivolous ex gf/bf has probably used on you to deceive you into a state of control that’s in their favor.  Thankfully Daniel Arsham isn’t my ex gf nor is this the type of manipulation hes doing.  Arsham’s manipulation takes whats familiar to us and combines it with his surreal vision of artistic alteration.  By doing this, Daniel challenges our spatial perspective.  His art combines elements of architecture, design, and installation.  Check out more of his work below.

arsham-daniel-02 arsham-daniel-03 arsham-daniel-04 The-ARchiTecture-of-Daniel-Arsham-yatzer-1 The-ARchiTecture-of-Daniel-Arsham-yatzer-2 The-ARchiTecture-of-Daniel-Arsham-yatzer-3 The-ARchiTecture-of-Daniel-Arsham-yatzer-4 The-ARchiTecture-of-Daniel-Arsham-yatzer-6 The-ARchiTecture-of-Daniel-Arsham-yatzer-7 The-ARchiTecture-of-Daniel-Arsham-yatzer-16



To see more work from Daniel Arsham click below.

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