aRod x SpringGlo 2015


It’s morning time, you wake up to a soft warm breeze as it passes through lush green grass. There’s a hint of alcohol flavored sweat on your lips..You smell that?  It’s Coachella season, but better yet its aRod season.  aRod of Gotta Dance Dirty just released his biannual mix and you can expect it to be as damn good as the last one.  Mr. Rodriguez is a mastercraft on the mixtable and I’ve been fortunate enough to see aRod DJ live and I’ve found myself doing two things and two things only: dancing and shazaming (“What song is this?!”).  I don’t even breathe during his set (fuck breathing, that shit is overrated).  Anyways if you’re planning on making your way to the Coachella campgrounds this year, be sure to download aRod’s mix for a guaranteed 51 minutes of serenity.  See you on the other side.



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