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Artist Spotlight – Hannah Yata | The DNA Life
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Artist Spotlight – Hannah Yata

Hannah Yata

Growing up in small town Georgia, Hannah Faith Yata developed a deep love for nature and animals at an early age.  “In her paintings, Yata seeks to interweave the parallels of the unconscious with the struggle of the natural environment and how it relates to views regarding the body of the woman and that of nature.  Her use of masks express different types of emotion and characters while incorporating her fascination with other cultures and tribes.  Body paint and designs play with a romantic idea of becoming more in touch with the earth and the life forces that dwell within, while also celebrating the feeling of energy and wildness. The surreal and psychedelic landscapes of her work erupt with tension and beauty, the grotesque and the wild to form exhilarating and mind altering dreamscapes.”  We caught up with Hannah earlier this month for a little interview.  Check it out on the break.


Why art?

Art is the freest form of inventing, an unfettered way of expressing the mind. I always had the ideas of making, building, or inventing. However, drawing and painting always seemed to be the easiest and most utilitarian ways to build your mind’s eye; when you start off doing small works it requires almost no space and you can teach yourself. Machines or sculptures tend to require much more space and a community to create.

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process tends to be on the messy side. I do have paintings that start off well and finish fluently. Usually, it is the case that I’m adding, deleting, sanding and repainting different parts of my paintings so that I can feel out what hits the right notes in my head.

Hannah YataHannah Yata Hannah Yata

What do you hope others see when they look at your body of work?

Tickled, is probably the best way I can put it. I feel like my favorite pieces are like eating a piece of food or listening to a piece of music that has all these strange elements to it that shouldn’t seem like they go together but somehow the taste or sound is electric. I’m not super fond of being labeled as a fantasy artist or even erotic- I tend to think of my work as an outlandish expression of wrestling with aspects of spirituality and a love of nature.

If you had the ability to create anything what would your dream project be?

Probably my dream project would be to have large-scale sculptures made from natural materials and performance art included in a show with my paintings.Hannah Yata Hannah Yata Hannah Yata Hannah Yata Hannah Yata

To see more work from Hannah Yata, click below.


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