Boggie – Nouveau Parfam

The digital retouching of models, actresses, and entertainers for the covers of magazines and television appearances has quickly become a standard in mainstream media. Even here at DNA this is standard practice to “retouch” all of our commercial photos in the pursuit of perfection, but perfection is only one’s opinion. We view these types of modifications to an image as merely another artform. I suppose the uproar comes when people pose as something they are not, but this issue falls in the hands of the creative directors & marketing directors of the world whom are ever pressured to sell, sell, sell by their superiors and stock holders alike.

Boggie’s video shows you some of the standard procedures & effects that encompass today’s world of retouching. While they are able to retouch a photo in mere minutes in the music video in reality these types of effects can take hours and sometimes days to complete depending upon the complexity of the retouching necessary. None-the-less it is still an interesting look for both those not accustomed to the back end of image manipulation and those within the industry.

And while I have no clue what she is singing about; the song is quite memorizing as well.

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