City Silhouettes By Jasper James

Silhouettes can get played out time to time and so can double exposures.  Jasper James happens to find a medium doing both and does excellent job in his city silhouette project.  But James’s isn’t just a one trick pony, if you check out his full portfolio online you’ll see he has a knack for fashion photography and commercial advertising.  Based out of China, James boasts a client list with big names such as Ferrari, Bosch, Bank of China, and many more.  Oh, did I mention he’s also worked with some famous people too,  Russell Crowe, Macy Gray, Jude Law just to name a few.  Regardless of who has hired him, it’s quite clear Jasper is talented.
Check out more of Jasper James’s City Silhouettes project on the break.

Check out Jasper James’s online portfolio on the link below.
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