Color-casted photography by Neil Krug

9 - Nathalie Kelley - Neil Krug_8

Discipline. Discipline. Discipline!  It’s hard enough for me to have enough self-discipline to not poison myself every weekend and parade the streets wrapped in nothing but an American flag, but somehow 28 year old Neil Krug managed to self teach himself video and photography.  A Kansas boy at heart, Krug made the move to Los Angeles, CA to chase the American dream.  Since the move he’s racked up quite the clientele.  With the likes of Lana Del Rey, Justice, Chromeo, and The Horrors it seems Neil has made a name for himself in the industry.  We look forward to seeing who else Krug collaborates with in the future.  Check out more of his work below.

1 - Lauren Marie Young - Neil Krug - low Res 3 - Nathalie Kelley - Neil Krug 11---Foals---Neil-Krug---Low-Res 27 - Lauren Marie Young - Low Res Coyote - Neil Krug - Joni Harbeck Alexander - 1 Lauren Marie Young - Neil Krug - Optical Mara Hoffman - Aloha - Neil Krug 8 Mara Hoffman - Aloha - Neil Krug 10 Neil Krug - Lauren Marie Young - Floor - Low Res NEIL-KRUG_BONNIE-SERIES_1 Prism-of-Threads---Jessica-Mau---Neil-Krug Sun-II---Neil-Krug Sun-I---Neil-Krug


To see more work from Neil Krug click below.

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