Conceptual photography by Brian Oldham


Who is Brian Oldham?  Brian is a California native who grew up as an only child with a “thriving imagination”.  Since entering young adolescence, Brian found a passion in taking photographs.  Since then he has experimented with self-portraiture and surrealism.  Brian is a self taught photographer who is continually learning how to express himself through his beautiful and bizarre works.  Check out more of his work below. 

Capture conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-1 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-2 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-3 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-4 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-6 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-7 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-11 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-14 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-15 conceptual-photography-oldham-enpundit-16

To see more work from Brian Oldham click below.

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