Dee-1 – Jay, 50, and Weezy Official Music Video


Randomly came across Dee-1’s new music video Jay, 50, and Weezy.  People have been saying hip hop is dead for years and quite honestly it fell off my radar for the past couple years as I kept hearing the same old recycled 16’s being spit over and over by “insert generic rapper name here”.  However, 2014 seems to see a few new young hungry cats bringing a whole new vibe to the game.  Dee-1 falls into this new category of rappers with a fresh perspective on an aging and tired industry.  It’s crazy because I grew up in the city, so I was right there with Dee-1 growing up on hip hop and loving those old rap songs, but later in life realized it was hollowed out commercialism meant to lead you down the wrong path.  No one has stepped up and addressed this issue with better lyrical skills, class, and respect then Dee-1 (at least to my knowledge).

So props to Dee-1 for having the confidence to drop that track and keep it moving bruh bruh!

What do you think?