Digital art by James Piper


James picked a peck of pickled peppers.  A peck of pickled peppers James Piper picked.  If James Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,Where’s the peck of pickled peppers James Piper picked?  Who cares! The talent of James Piper is something you should care about.  At age 17 Mr. Piper fell in love with design and went to college before realizing “it wasn’t for me” (by that he means he failed all his classes except P.E.).  James then worked his way into the design industry and worked hard for 8 years as a freelance graphic designer before starting his own agency -KOTA-.  Pipe’rs passion is digital collage; most of his work is an “eclectic mix of past and the future”.  His design work is clean, symmetrical, and aesthetically pleasing.  If you really like his work, check out his site where you can purchase prints starting November 3rd.  See more of his digital collages below.

JamePiper_WomenOwls JamesPiper_BirdWomen JamesPiper_CosmicBirds1 JamesPiper_CosmicBirds2 JamesPiper_CryingHindu JamesPiper_DesertFace JamesPiper_Elephants JamesPiper_HarpTiger JamesPiper_IndianTigers JamesPiper_JapaneseEyes JamesPiper_MoonTraveller JamesPiper_Owl JamesPiper_Pyramids JamesPiper_Spaceman JamesPiper_SurrealStatues JamesPiper_TigerRecharge JamesPiper_Visions JamesPiper_WomenDesert JamesPiper_WomenTriangles JamesPiper_Zebras

To see more work from James Piper click below.


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