Digital Collages by Ellery Mann


Take a trip to outer space and back with Ellery Mann’s “radical abstractions of the imagination”.  Ellery has been doing art for over a decade and just recently graduated from SUNY Farmingdale with a background in design.  Currently he puts his focus in art direction, advertising, brand identity, print, web, and UI/UX design.  Ellery also has an awesome gallery on Instagram, if you’d like to see more collaborations I highly recommend you follow him @ell_4.  See more of his work below.

Catwalk_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_001 Haveanicetrip_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_003 Homesick_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_005 IMG_5224 Luciddreaming_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_006 MindtheGap_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_007 Persistence_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_010 Pyramidhead_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_008 Stardust_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_002 TimeToPretend_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_009 Yourenext_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_011 Zero_ElleryMann_DNA_Web_012ElleryMann_astromountain_web

To see more work from Ellery Mann click below.

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