Digital Dreamscapes by Filip Hodas


Digital artist Filip Hodas aka @hoodass (on instagram) has been making waves on the internet with his visually stimulating dreamscapes.  Based out of Prague, Hodas started in 2015 doing daily renders to improve his 3D workflow.  It seems to be working because he’s accumulated over 50 thousand follows on Instagram.  Check out more of his work below.


filiphodas_art-15-12-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-13-12-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-12-11-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-11-13-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-10-12-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-9-30-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-9-12-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-8-12-2015_0126-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-6-1-2016-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-4-12-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-2-12-2015-1050x1050 filiphodas_art-23-1-2016-1050x1050

To see more work from Filip Hodas click below.

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