Digitalism ft. Youngblood Hawke – Wolves (Official Video)


After taking a break from my usual 2 hour T-Pain music listening session (cause that “Bartender” song still knocks), I was directed to this video by Digitalism.  I’ve already been a fan of Digitalism for a while (before they were cool, pshhhhhh) but I haven’t heard anything from them as of late so I thought I’d give it a listen to see whats new.  On my first listen I thought it the melody and lyrics were a little bit too corny and poppy for me (coming from the guy who has a 2 hour listening session of T-Pain, don’t you fucking judge me).  Upon my second listen, I was like “this would have been awesome to hear at my middle school dance”.   On the third or forth listen the song really started to grow on me and I found myself visualizing flapping my arms frantically in the air until I lifted off and proceeded to pelvic thrust into a cloud which created a hurricane of hugs (don’t do drugs).  The video is pretty dope too, one can easily get hypnotized in the stop motion and upbeat melody.  This one is for you, my fellow pelvic thrusters.  Enjoy.

SoundCloud – Digitalism

Official Website – Digitalism


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