Disclosure – F For You ft. Mary J. Blige

tumblr_mfeeimzHKC1qzw1qyo1_500I know what you’re thinking… Another blog, posting ANOTHER Disclosure track??!!!

I know, I know.. I get it.  And trust me, if it was anything short of the perfection that it is, I wouldn’t be doing this.

The original was good, really good. But just as it was about to get throw in the “played out” record bin, the good lil British lads decided to throw MJB in the mix. The result might as well be a new track altogether in my humble opinion, that I CAN’T WAIT to play in the club.

I wonder what the neon faced crusaders of deep house would’ve said if you told them two years ago that they would be collaborating with Mary J Blige in the near future. Been a big year for the kids. Here’s to many more to come..

What do you think?