DJ Craze Putting Real Dj’s On His Back


DJ Craze absolutely crushes this mix, the music to the message, I can’t get enough of what Craze has done with this minimix.  That in your face, raw energy, that feels like it’s fresh off the streets. You don’t get authenticity like this much anymore with all the cookie cutter commercial music that’s making the rounds these days.  It’s always refreshing to see someone keeping it one hundred while still being able to express themselves creativity.

“Okay, first of all, dopeness is what I like the most, dopeness, people who want to make things as dope as possible.” – Kanye

Honestly, I don’t ride with Kanye as much as I used to when he first came out, but he makes  a fine point in regards to pushing the limits of creativity & seeking out people that are pursuing dopeness.  You can replace dopeness with the word greatness and it rides out to the same effect.  Pursue greatness and others who want to be great and you will be great yourself.

What do you think?