Drake – Come Thru (James Blake Remix)


Now, I’ll be completely honest…I haven’t really fucked with Drake aka “Jimmy” since his Degrassi days.  Drake has since moved on past his Degrassi days, he released a pretty damn good mixtape and opened up a satisfying career for himself as the “Hey, isn’t that the dude in the wheelchair from Degrassi?” guy with a 2 million dollar contract from YoungMoney.  I’ll admit I probably wouldn’t be posting this track if it wasn’t for James Blake because the original song of this is aiiiggghttt…Thankfully James Blake uses his signature harmonimix sound to save the day.  No doubt this mix will have you singing along to the chorus and playing the air piano once those synths drop.  Go ahead, share this track with your hipster friends and tell them you heard it before it was popular.  Enjoy.

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