Dreamy Cloud Paintings by Brooklyn Whelan


Based in Sydney, Brooklyn Whelan embodies his deep appreciation to the weather through a series titled Return to Magenta, where people can see the how acrylic paints form into dreamy pink clouds or murky black skies.

“I constantly find myself staring into oncoming storms. I do not merely want to capture the image with my painting; rather, with strong bold strokes, I want to give it life and energy, also the sense of fantasy that one might see in an 80’s sci fi – Powerful electricity, but with a tone of grace, softness and movement.”

Brooklyn Whelan is nowadays one of Australia’s leading and emerging contemporary artists. Influenced by his multidisciplinary background, weather patterns, and days of creating graffiti and futurism, Brooklyn Whelan’s art works represent a balance of power and beauty and shape a striking image for the contemporary aesthetics.

Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings8-900x599 Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings7-900x900 Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings6-900x900 Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings5-900x900 Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings4-900x900 Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings3-900x900 Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings1-900x900 Dreamy-Pink-Clouds-Paintings2-900x900

If you want to enjoy a new and exciting way to explore the nature via the surrealistic stokes and shades created by Brooklyn Whelan , visit Brooklyn Whelan, click below.


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