Drip-effect Paintings by Marcello Castellani


Columbian artist Marcello Castellani is an innovate artist exploring various techniques in his works to define his style of art.  Currently Castellani is training with pencil, acrylics, and illustration, but his work as a digital designer has persuaded him to analyze the association admist photography and pixel.  His first solo exhibition ‘Hilados (Spun)’, was a direct result of his research. Castellani deconstructs photographs then spills paint on the canvas so it creates a thread or drip like effect which represents everything that connects the artist with his life and experiences. Check out some of the works from his exhibit below.

Marcello_Castellani_09 Marcello_Castellani_08Marcello_Castellani_07 Marcello_Castellani_01 04-1 03-19  02-1

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