Exquisite Paintings by Erik Olson


Imagine relocating every 3 years to an entirely different environment.  You’d think it’d be pretty difficult to sustain a certain talent given you’re pretty much living out of a suitcase.  Not for Erik Olson, who was originally born in Calgary, Olson has been on the travel train since birth.  A week later he was in Winnipeg, then a few years later he was off to Nairobi, Kenya, then Boston, and eventually finding a home in Vancouver where Erik went to Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  I’m sure Erik left many things behind while doing all this traveling, but never his aspiration to continue painting.  People often ask who the people are in Erik’s paintings, it turns out Erik will only paint people he is interested in.  He says “I have to be intimately connected with the subject, so the portraits are mainly of people I know quite well.”  With all that traveling he does, you can see he runs into a pretty diverse crowd.  It’s pretty clear Erik is fascinated by faces, but his inspiration actually comes from his curiosity. “I follow my curiosity. It’s often just a vague or open question I have in the beginning; the inspiration comes as I go in for a closer look. I find that if I do that, it often leads me to some pretty interesting places.”  Check out his work below.

Erik-Olson_web2 Erik-Olson_web3 Erik-Olson_web4 Erik-Olson_web5 Erik-Olson_web6 Erik-Olson_web7 Erik-Olson_web8 Erik-Olson_web9 Erik-Olson_web10 Erik-Olson_web11 Erik-Olson_web12 Erik-Olson_web13 Erik-Olson_web14 Erik-Olson_web15 Erik-Olson_web16 Erik-Olson_web17 Erik-Olson_web18 Erik-Olson_web19

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