EXTREME macro photography OF INSECTS by Yudy Sauw

Yudy Sauw 8

As creepy and gross some bugs might appear to be from far away, when you look at them in a macro perspective they suddenly become vibrant works of art.  Yudy Sauw is an Indonesian photographer who has been photographing a variety of insect faces in his studio in Banten.  The photographs are taken from 2-10 cm away from the lens.*———————* <—-(Thats 2 cm, I measured it)  Check out more of Yudy’s work below.

Yudy Sauw 1 Yudy Sauw 2 Yudy Sauw 3 Yudy Sauw 4 Yudy Sauw 5 Yudy Sauw 6 Yudy Sauw 7 Yudy Sauw 9 Yudy Sauw 10 Yudy Sauw


To see more work from Yudy Sauw click below.


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