Fantastical Faceless Paintings By Artist Yang Cao


Some would say Toronto-based artist Yang Cao needs to get his head out of the clouds.  Despite a cloudy perspective, Cao has a clear and bright future in the world of art.  After graduating in fine art from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Cao focused on creating fantastical paintings of nude bodies to express a spectrum of emotions and sensations.  “I like the unpredictability of the cloud. It’s shapeless and changes all the time, it follows the wind and never stays in one form and place. Somehow I find this as a resemblance to our human nature and mind.”, Cao expresses.  Check out more of his work below.

yangcao_art-14 yangcao_art-10 yangcao_art-09 yangcao_art-03 yangcao_art-06 yangcao_art-05 yangcao_art-04 yangcao_art-07

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