Fine Art Photography x Chris Miele

Chris Miele is an LA based photographer who is single handedly expanding the field of landscape photography. He calls his work “visionscape”, or photos in which he combines classical training, technological understanding, and a dedication to the outdoors. Miele’s work often challenges the eye by blurring the line between the real and the fantastical. Miele’s bio states, “

 Rivers transform into brush strokes, apparition like clouds streak through the sky, and night skies become interplanetary.” 

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     Chris Miele can be considered a fine art photographer, or a photographer who captures photos that correlate to his artistic vision. Fine art photography goes beyond just representing the “real”, such as in photojournalism, and takes a more creative and avant garde perspective. 

     Miele studied art throughout college, and his area of focus was originally found in video. In one interview, he states “Coming from a video background it was inevitable that I would take a stab at still photos.  In an attempt to hone my video skills, I began shooting photos in college.  The thought was to hone my composition through training and my instinct.  Quickly, I’m learning how to effectively separate and maximize the differences between shooting video and shooting stills.  There was a certain aesthetic I really wanted to capture, and soon I realized the best way to achieve such was by shooting landscapes and nature.”
     Despite his breathtaking shots, Miele keeps photo editing to a minimum. He is a self-proclaimed purist who has chosen to avoid the trend of HDR, composite images, and excess Photoshop work.  Instead Chris relies on single exposures, the digital darkroom, and the beauty of landscapes to create visionary shots that only the most refined of artists could capture.

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