Fire & Bone Jewelry

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Fire & Bone is a new line of true to life jewelery derived from real animal skulls. Combining the worlds of modern and traditional, highly detailed miniature animal skull replicas are made through 3D scanning, printing, and wax casting. The passion project of Jason Bakutis, Chris Boynton, and Matt Kroner, the idea for Fire & Bone came about while working as designers for the same 3D printing company.  Discovering they shared a similar love and fascination for the animal world, the idea to fuse their knowledge of technology and nature became the basis for what would become Fire & Bone. After successfully receiving funding earlier this year from their Kickstarter campaign to get Fire & Bone off the ground, they have since then launched their own dedicated webpage where you can purchase their entire line in either bronze or sterling silver from their online shop. The current animal skulls in production are the American Black Bear, Roe Deer, Red Fox, Grey Wolf, Snowshoe Hare, Lion, Bob Cat, Walrus, Giraffe, Beaver, Horse, and Sabertoothed Cat. Simply put, Fire & Bone is a prime example of how emerging technology and creativity can be successfully infused to yield beautiful, new, and inventive products.

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