Giant Spider Web Art Installation by Art Collective Numen


“Do not touch” the famous words of every museum when it comes to art, but not when it comes to the art Numen creates.  Numen is a group of artists that live and work in Germany, Austria, and Croatia, together they create interactive webs made from string and adhesive tape.  They set up exhibition spaces from Tokyo to Paris, inviting guests to interact with their installation.  Check out a more in depth perspective of their work below.


numen-nets_art_012-1050x700 numen-nets_art_003-1050x700 numen-nets_art_002-1050x700 numen-nets_art_001-1050x700 numen-nets_art_005-1050x700 numen-nets_art_004-1050x700 numen-nets_art_009-1050x591 numen-nets_art_006-1050x700 numen-nets_art_007-1050x700

To see more work from Numen click below.

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