Giorgio’s Theme X Giorgio Moroder


If a regular person went out and threw together a track and christened it their “theme” it would at best garner a laugh or two. But when you’re name is Giorgio Moroder, a.k.a. the godfather of synth and pioneer of the entire electronic dance music genre, creating your very own theme song tends to blow a few minds. When you also take into account 20 years have passed since Moroder released his last song that last statement isn’t too much of an exaggeration. It truly feels like nothing was held back in the creation of “Giorgio’s Theme” with an incredible amount of synthetic sounds being weaved together seemingly effortlessly. Each layer of the track harmonizes in such a way that together as a whole they produce an epic journey of musical proportions. “Giorgio’s Theme” is clear indication that even though two decades have passed Moroder still has his fingers pressed strongly on the pulse of what makes electronic music so captivating and enjoyable. Hopefully this release is only a small taste of what Moroder has planned for the future.


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