Girls Love Beyonce (Matt DiMona Remix)


Having a full-time day job, a couple side gigs, and a blog I contribute to from time to time doesn’t leave room for a lot of free time.  When I get it I make damn sure to make the best of it, and more often than not, that includes a pair of headphones.

This weekend I turned off the world for a few hours and dove deep into the Soundcloud rabbit hole.  When I came out I was holding a couple gems from a guy named Matt DiMona.  I didn’t know who we was before and all I really know now is that he studies at USC and “DJ’s from time to time”.  Not a whole lot to go on, but I’m definitely feeling where he’s taking his house tracks.

This Drake remix is a shining example of what can happen when R&B meets house in the right  kind of light.  So grab the free download from that Soundcloud widget and be sure to show the kid some love if you’re picking up what he’s laying down.

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