Graffiti Artist MTO Debuts Street Art murals in Rennes, France

Graffiti/street artist MTO recently made a trip to Rennes, France to work on two massive murals. Oh, and when I say “massive” I’m not just exaggerating for attention. The murals MTO worked on are intricate pieces on an old, what appears to be, abandoned building/house.

The final products are magnificent in all their aerosol splender, but you can’t help but wonder how MTO even started the mural. What did he draw first? What sections did he work on, revisit, and then declare complete? Those are just a few of the questions that came to mind when I saw the photographs of the murals, but luckily MTO included a “Who Wants to Kill MTO?” making-of video to show fans his creative process unfolding.

Watching the fruits of his labor below. :)

 Originally Written By ThinkSoul25
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