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Guy Hepner Gallery Artist Spotlight – Tyler Spangler | The DNA Life
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Guy Hepner Gallery Artist Spotlight – Tyler Spangler


California bred graphic artist Tyler Spangler has developed his style from a very young age. He began sketching during elementary school, but once he learned how to execute his infinite ideas using the Adobe programs, his creative vision was brought to a new level. 

He began as a graphic designer for a surf company, and through this experience he was able to find his own stylistic voice, which has been shown to spread like wildfire throughout the artistic world. Spangler finds inspiration from iconic images, candy, and bright California colors. The combination of all of these elements lure in his audience and makes it difficult to look away.

We had the chance to talk to Spangler about his goals and some of the advice he would give to the next generation of artists.

When was the moment you knew that you wanted to dedicate your life to your art?

I actually loved drawing all through elementary school. I loved old horror movies and cartoons and I would draw the characters during class. I found an old yearbook from 6th grade that said I wanted to be a pro surfer or pro artist when I grew up, haha.


How do you feel your art has developed since you first started?

I feel like I have the same ideas but I have just improved my technique. I had crazy ideas when I was young but I didn’t have the skills to portray them.

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What does the creative process look like for you?

I browse stock images until I find ones that jump out to me and I distort and manipulate them from there. Most of the time I dont have a clear goal before I start browsing.


What has been the most rewarding part of being an artist?

When people email me and tell me how much I inspire them or ask me for advice. It feels really awesome being on this side of it because I remember not that long ago when I was constantly asking for advice.

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Describe a real-life situation that inspired you.

Watching Electric Wizard perform in person. It is crazy just listening to albums and watching YouTube videos and then actually seeing it in person.


What are some of your goals for the next year?

I want to keep expanding my clients while making awesome work for myself.

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If you had the ability to create anything what would your dream project be?

I want to wrap the Huntington Beach pier with a crazy vibrant pattern.


What role do you feel the artist has in today’s society?

With social media I think the artist has a huge role. Art is constantly being shared and is accessible to people who would normally not seek it out and I think that can lead to amazing partnerships. I think the artist is more commercially mainstream now and people are starting to accept it as a viable profession.


What advice do you have for younger or newer artist trying to make a name for themselves in the art world?

Make work constantly and research all the art/artists that inspire you. Reach out to whoever you love without fear and dont be afraid of people rejecting you. It will always happen and that should be fuel to make yourself better.


What was it like running an underground punk show?

It was scary, exciting, and hard. You never know how things will turn out and if people would show up or if the equipment would fail or if the cops would come. It was really fun but also really draining.

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To see more work from Tyler Spangler click below.


To see Tyler’s work in person don’t forget to come by Guy Hepners Gallery in NYC.

 Opening reception will be February 11th 6pm-10pm

 568 Broadway #502, New York, NY 10012

What do you think?

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