Hand painted abstract installation by Yusuke Asai


What a beautiful mess!  Japanese artist Yusuke Asai created this large-scale vibrant installation with the primary tools of paper and marker.  It’s colored web is painted with blue illustrations that are filled with geometric and floral patterns, mixed with some animal symbolism.  From far away almost resembles some chinaware ceramic details.  Check out more on the jump.

yusuke-asai-creating-here-arataniurano-tokyo-07 yusuke-asai-creating-here-arataniurano-tokyo-06 yusuke-asai-creating-here-arataniurano-tokyo-05  yusuke-asai-creating-here-arataniurano-tokyo-03 yusuke-asai-creating-here-arataniurano-tokyo-02 yusuke-asai-creating-here-arataniurano-tokyo-01 Yusuke Asai

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