I Kinda Want to Draw you Naked – Tyson McAdoo

Tyson McAdoo 5

What you wont McAdoo for love?  Ok, that was a shitty name pun, but Tyson McAdoo’s work is far from shitty.  Tyson graduated from Joe Kubert School in 2000 but his inspiration of the female anatomy came from standing behind girls in a ballet class in his youth.  Because of this inspiration Tyson now primarily focuses on female figurative digital paintings.  McAdoo finds a perfect balance between abstraction and realism that creates a portrayal of dominate roles of power.  Check out more of his work below.

Tyson McAdoo 4 Tyson McAdoo 3 Tyson McAdoo 2 Tyson McAdoo 1 Tyson Mcadoo Tyson McAdoo 6

To see more work from Tyson McAdoo click below.


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