Illustrations by Jenny Liz Rome


Elegant females juxtaposed against shocking presence of untamed beasts.  I can dig it.  Canada-based illustrator Jenny Liz Rome integrates what appears as ordinary fashion illustrations with unusual animal elements.  Rome generates components such as delicate peacock feathers , fish bowls , and roaring lion faces that organically surface from streaming hair and patterned garments and intermingle with woman body shapes.  Each image is a mixed media product, created from a combination of photography and pencil drawings.  Check out more of her work below.8CACA0DF7066C7C10668E0C99B2ControlStyler-Halo-websiteJenny-Liz-Rome_20600_1406-597x1400liontumblr_lyjr5gZDn71r4eg57o3_1280tumblr_m5xw0ez32F1r4eg57o1_1280tumblr_mgs68ouX8G1r4eg57o1_r1_1280tumblr_mlntvugjqW1rv5690o1_1280

 To see more work from Jenny Liz Rome click below.


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