Impeccable Wood Sculptures by AJ Fosik


As a child growing up I remember my living room for two reasons, that’s where the TV was and my Dads bad ass mask collection.  Which explains why I am instantly drawn to AJ Fosik’s incredible craftsmanship of these wooden sculptures.  The time, quality and detail put into each sculpture is impeccable, which pays off because Fosik has had his art displayed all over the nation from New York to San Francisco.  Take a look at some of my favorite pieces below.

aj-fosik_web01 aj-fosik_web02 aj-fosik_web03 aj-fosik_web04 aj-fosik_web05 aj-fosik_web06 aj-fosik_web07 aj-fosik_web08 aj-fosik_web10 aj-fosik_web11 aj-fosik_web12 aj-fosik_web13 aj-fosik_web14


To see more work from AJ Fosik click below.

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