Infrared Photography of NYC Central Park by Paolo Pettigiani


If you’ve never had the opportunity to grace the lands of Central Park in NYC, its a beautiful lush park filled with well maintained grounds, lakes, mysterious sculptures, and culture.  Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani decided to capture Central Park in a different way then most of us would even think of viewing it, infrared.  “Infrared?  Isn’t that what the Predator uses to kill his prey?”  Err, well yes, but there’s many uses of infrared that don’t include taking the spine of your enemies and Pettigiani uses it cleverly by simply walking through the park.  Pettigiani takes the lush green grounds into a raspberry shroom trip that’s guaranteed to capture your attention.  “The purpose is to highlight the majesty and the contrast of nature included in the famous Big Apple’s skyscrapers,” says Pettigiani.  Check out more of his series below.


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To see more work from Paolo Pettigiani, click below.

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