Insanely Awesome Speed Painter – D. Westry

 Let’s forget for a moment that we are watching a clip from the Anderson Cooper talk show and focus on this magnificent speed painter, D. Westry. Apparently he can paint a painting under 90 seconds.  Now your probably thinking to yourself, “Yeah, so can I”.  Well I am sure anyone can paint something under 90 seconds but its probably going to be at the caliber of a 3rd grade finger painter.  As proud as you may be with your stick figure and distorted version of a horse/dog/car, D. Westry actually has some talent.  30 Seconds into his painting he has his foundation down, but it looks like a lopsided pear, or is it?  A minute passes and still my eyes cant seem to grasp what hes painting.  In fact, all the way down to the wire I am still baffled with his creation.  I think, “Wow, you really fooled me D. Westry.  Thank you for making me waste 90 seconds of my life and you reminded me that Anderson Cooper actually has a talk show”.  Turns out D. Westry is quite crafty.  Watch the video to see his reveal.  Bravo!

Check out more of the speed art man on his website, coincidentally called

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