Inspirational Colour Art by Go Suga


Japensese native, Go Suga has had a lifelong passion with “mystical seamless blending of cultures”.  Go eventually migrated to Australia and where he completed his diploma of graphic design which has expanded his knowledge of arts beyond drawing and illustration.  His work reflects his own perspective on a range of influences that include: surfing, social, political, and cultural issues.  Check out more of his work below.

“I would describe my work as mixture of human evolution, ancient mythology and modern day conspiracy. As all humans I am interested and influenced by a lot of things around my life like history, politics, culture, religion, chaos, social, animals, nature and lot of other stuff:) from these elements I come up with my own story usually something like “Humans polluted earth too much and now human made religion gods turn back on them + aliens come into battle or warn us here and there” sort of thing. But please don’t get me wrong I’m not a religious person or some one whose crazily into conspiracy, what I’m really into is art and in order to create my own art I just use these elements to create my own stories.”

JIGOKU FIRE ALL BIRTH OF ANOTHER YEAR 600mm x 300mm BUFFALO DE ATAMA 600mm x 300mm CRUCIFIXIONESS mid res DREAM HAARP mid res JESUS NO FUKATSU 600mm x 300mm KAMIKAZE 600mm x 300mm LIFE NO HAJIMARI 600mm x 300mm Line in the sand LUCIFERS BIRTH no frame mid res POLLUTION IN ACTION mid res POSEIDON cut SURF DE SUGA 600mm x 900mm

To see more work from Go Suga click below.


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