Intricate Collages by Oddly Head


Remember your teen years, cutting out magazines and pasting them together to create your N’SYNC vs Backstreet Boys masterpiece collage?  Take the amount of time you spent doing that, then multiple that by the amount of time it would take you to read The Holy Bible in braille form and maybe you’ll come close to the efforts put in by artist Oddly Head.  Oddly Head creates exceptionally detailed and complex collages using hundreds of paper cutouts.   Mostly working with retro images the artist brings together pop and street art influences to generate vibrant and humorous expressions of social assessment.  Take a more detailed look below.

Image_2 Image_3 Image_5 Image_7 Image_8 (1) Image_15 Image_16 Image_18

To see more work from Oddly Head click below.

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