Intricate Paper Sculptures by Ho Yoon Shin


As a child, teenager, and adult, I’ve always been fascinated with holograms.  I actually remember as kid, my favorite shirt had a hologram with spaceships and aliens that moved across a sparkly galaxy, which is maybe why I am so drawn to Ho Yoon Shin’s latest paper sculptures.  Shin’s sculptures appear to alternately solidify and disappear when viewed from certain angles.  Each sculpture is made from hand-cut, urethane-coated strips of paper joined together with paper joints.  Shin’s work is influenced by Buddhism both aesthetically and conceptually. In Shin’s words, “Looking at a solid body made up through several layers… we get to know that the system of the body is organised rather dangerously than strangely, and the system looks like the contemporary society. And its vacant surface and inside are getting filled with our inherent images to completion. In the end, it’s a story about the situation and a point where we fill a surface that doesn’t exist… and console and satisfy ourselves.” Deep.  Check out more of his work below.hoyoonshin3

hoyoonshin1 hoyoonshin2 hoyoonshin4 hoyoonshin5 hoyoonshin6 hoyoonshin7 hoyoonshin8 hoyoonshin9 hoyoonshin10 hoyoonshin11 hoyoonshin12

To see more work from Ho Yoon Shin click below.

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