Introducing ArtBrowser – A 0% Commission Social Platform For Artists, Galleries and Art Lovers.

The art world is often perceived as inaccessible for the general public and the emerging artist alike. ArtBrowser breaks down this barrier by creating a 0% commission based platform to support artists and make art ‘open to all’.

Art lovers in the general public are often intimidated by art platforms and institutions when purchasing art. ArtBrowser hits out against this. Co-founder and artist Eccentric-O mentions “The focus was to cultivate a non intimidating environment for art lovers and build an eco system that not only supports artists but encourages real conversation between artists, galleries and art lovers. No pretension, no patronisation and no barriers. Part of your world not a special world.”

In essence, ArtBrowser is a hybrid between a social network and an art e-commerce platform; browse, discover, connect, buy and sell at 0% commission.  ArtBrowser utilizes AI that learns the preferences and tastes of the users and generates curated content tailored for each individual.  Whether you religiously follow art, or you have no idea where to start, it’s user experience focused website designed by artists will allow you to browse in an easy, efficient and enjoyable way.

The universal importance and impact of art is prevalent. Advisory board member and influential creative founder of international advertising agency BBH Sir John Hegarty has commented that ”Art is far too important to be accessed just by the few, it should be for the many. And this is what ArtBrowser is doing”.

Further support of ArtBrowser’s paradigm breaking ethos is supported by Daniel Baade, ex head of Global Strategy at Christie’s Auction House, saying “Art and innovation are two areas that always excited me. ArtBrowser brings a new level of innovation to the art world in the way it connects Art lovers with Artists & Galleries. Whilst other platforms charge hefty commissions, ArtBrowser’s model is based on 0% commission – tearing down walls that existed for way too long”.

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