James Rawson’s Pop Culture


British Artist, James Rawson, blurs the lines of what is a collage and a painting with his new works that reflect upon modern day society.  Mashing typography, symbols, and vibrant graphics each piece screams it’s message at the viewer.  Through his mixed media works Rawson’s ideas in regards to consumption, the over abundance of advertising, and the notion that “sex sells”, greed, fast food, and TV as the pulse of the nation are expressed in vivid detail.

A brief explanation by James Rawson ties it together nicely as he states “perhaps you don’t like what you see, the bawdy reality, the cheap thrill, the constant accumulation of sweet things, processed things, plastic things. unnatural things: but it doesn’t take away from the fact it’s the truth.

So, who’s going to have the courage to create a new truth that we do like?





One In The Chamber


Day At The Beach

Here you can see James Rawson at work creating “Kait Bait”.


Bitches Love Cake


All’s Fair In Love & War


The Birth of Venus

What do you think?