Kaleidoscopic Sculptures by Jen Stark


No relation to Ned Stark, Jen Stark works with colorful paper to create memorizing sculptures that have an incredible 3d effect.  Much like Vantour Maud Jen constructs these masterpieces from paper and glue, but to really get that 3d effect, she will sometimes use holographic paper.  Jen’s concepts are influenced by replication and infinity, echoing patterns and clever designs evident in nature.  Check out more of her work below. nature.  Check out more of her work below. afterglow cosmicdistortion countercosmo radialreverie spectralzenith sunkensediment   234215e9991c19218ae9626b313148633158a41f_600 1084f93ddec2135225b250d593509e2c1bbb58af_600 603dd483544dac271bddd56382c7d46d935d2a0b_600 376d26cbfd608e090ad5f5c2fb1b6ca3b6b9e96e_600 6f5891d60fc7262397b4e25a42eef23923c61880_600 0c76880428940c16dad712fd48294132912b030a_600

To see more work from Jen Stark click below.


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