Lexx Black Beyond The Dark EP

through the fog3

Lexx Black, a R&B singer hailing from Boston released his latest EP “Beyond The Dark” this past week.  Impressive to note is that Lexx wrote, produced, and recorded the entire EP himself.  The standout, “Through The Fog”, which embodies an inspired Timbaland beat paired with Lexx’s vocals makes for a style that’s easy on the ears.  It’s refreshing to see an R&B singer take risks on tracks and bring a new angle to a genre that needs a breath of fresh air.  Lexx flexes this risky attitude especially on “RCVR” a track that starts off as an 8-bit melody that twists and turns into a completely different animal by the time you reach the end of the song.  I just wish that “Drift” was a full length track, I could see late night city lights cruising through the city to that one.  It’s obvious to us that the progression Lexx Black has made over his previous projects makes him someone to watch for in 2015.  Be on the lookout for new music from Lexx Black by following him on Soundcloud.

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