Life is a Voyage ✘ Street Art by Chadillac Green

 There is a new addition to the Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone at Red’s Bar and Tapas805 Ink Tattooist and street artist Chadillac Green took over the wall with his personal style that combines his graffiti roots and vibrant colors to add line and depth to his characters.  An elderly couple smoking on the horizon with the words “Life is a Voyage “ now turns the heads of those who pass by.
Chadillac approached the owners of Red’s Cafe, Dana Walters, showed off some of his work and after that she allowed him free rein over the wall.  He used a projector to enlarge his sketches on to the wall and then layers of paint to bring it to life.  I was surprised he had no plan and was just free styling, whatever looked good stayed on the wall and whatever he didn’t like he just painted over it.  This is the freedom he enjoys when not working,  “tattooing lets me be tight and perfect. As my painting let me be loose and have room errors.” he explained with one head phone in his ear.
I first met Chadillac at his work, 805 Ink when my friend spontaneously went in for a shark tooth tattoo on her neck.  She was really concerned about the triangular shape looking like a pizza but Chadillac worked his magic in around five minutes with shading and it really looked like a realistic 3-D shark tooth.
He began his career in tattooing in his hometown of Kansas City when a friend persuaded him to do something with his artistic talent. One day a crew member called just to chat and Chadillac mentioned he was looking for a tattoo shop to work at in San Diego.  That crew member connected him with 805 Ink.  He clicked with the rest of the artists and the job stuck, so he moved to Santa Barbara shortly after.
Chadillac’s one complaint about Santa Barbara is how strict they are on tagging.  He started graffiti when he was 12 and loves to express himself that way, “The rush I get when I paint an illegal spot is the best for me. You could be on the side of a highway as cars pass by or on a ledge of building, knowing one step back and its broken limbs or death… and I like exploring parts of cities you normally would never go to.” These roots are still evident in his mural, a completely legal and beautiful piece of street art that won’t be painted over by city employees or disregarded as ruining a building.
If you want to catch up with Chadillac schedule an appointment at 805 Ink
or go dance at one his upcoming DJ events.
Click his Sound Cloud for some downloadable mixtapes.



To view the mural visit Red’s Bar and Tapa’s located at 211 Helena Ave off of Yanoali Street
Be sure to check out Chadillac Green’s art reception at our studio this Thursday from 7pm – 10pm
529 E. Gutierrez St.
Santa Barbara, CA
Photography by Paul Vert


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