Liquified Rainbow Portraits By Brian Donnelly


Brian Donnelly has been on DNA’s radar for quite some time now.  The Toronto-based artist creates his trade mark  rainbow melt effect by using turpentine and hand sanitizer.  Donnelly finds his inspiration from his interest in human identity and vulnerability.  Donnelly describes his artistic process as “some days cathartic, other days deeply regretful. It’s a range of emotion, but that is part of the whole thing: my ability to let go allows the work to speak to its limitations.”  Check out more of his incredible work below.

briandonnelly_art_007 briandonnelly_art_008 briandonnelly_art_006 briandonnelly_art_005 briandonnelly_art_004 briandonnelly_art_003 briandonnelly_art_002 briandonnelly_art_001

To see more work from Brian Donnelly, click below.

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